Marie Leguillon

In 2017 Marie created her workshop after more than 11 years of experience in one of the larger construction group (BBGO) in France, experience fundamental and founding for her professional project.

She has gained the essential skills to her expertise, through the missions entrusted to her on a wide variety of projects (housing, functional building, energy-efficiency rehabilitation, industries):

  • Controlling construction’s methods – managing files with efficiency
  • global vision of the project from sketch to delivery
  • technical and constructive know-how
  • developing professional network
  • managerial training in LEAN methods


Marie Leguillon manages her projects but also works alongside renowned architects, being national or international emblematic figures, with whom she collaborates on specific projects. These first experiences of collaborations gave birth to a collaborative and sharing vision in Marie, being the quintessence of her agency, Atelier Marie Léguillon. She puts at the service of her clients her seasoned, critical and objective eye, and she makes sure to master the constructive, technical and functional aspects of her project, even in the rigorous presentation and formatting of the documents circulated to her clients.

Today, based and in line with her managerial training in LEAN methods, she is reinventing customer support by offering projects that are technically, regulatory and aesthetically fully accomplished. In charge of numerous real estate projects for local developers and private investors, either alone or in collaboration, she stands out for her uniqueness, her feminine signature on her architectural projects, but also for her participation in major projects in the metropole are of Rouen such as the hangar 105 in Rouen.

Une approche méthodologique d'acCompagnement


  • in the assistance to refine a program, in particular to find pragmatic solutions with regards to site operations, urban flows, type of habitats, regulatory requirements, and urban diagnostics
  • in relay of the project management during exchanges with the administrations and local authorities
  • in serenity and safety of their projects, by assessing the risks, guaranteeing the financial stakes, and by controlling the responsibilities of the construction site.


This assistance is dedicated to carrying out the project with cost optimization and total control of environmental issues, seeking the global efficiency: economic and energy.

Skills’ sharing and the union of complementarities was once again in the spotlight for this new decade, even more collaborative years with the creation of LOUVE ARCHITECTS, a collaborative project with Eléonore DUVAL architect specialized in aquatic centres and pool areas.

These two women architects tend to make of their similarities and their differences a creative and impulsive force, in search of the excellence of the line, to develop a programmatic functionality, improve spaces and uses, summed up in an architecture that is respectful and virtuous.