Marie Leguillon

Atelier Marie Leguillon is the result of 14 years of experience (s) from the funder, Marie LEGUILLON, during which the architect handled all scales and many types of projects.

Marie Leguillon carried out cross-functional missions of project management and of consulting, which gave her a keen eye and a “panoramic” vision with regard to architectural production. The Atelier Marie Leguillon lays its solid foundations on the know-how of Marie LEGUILLON, being the mastery of the architectural design, the knowledge and the respect of the regulations, and especially the rigorous monitoring of the site key element of a project’s success.


The Atelier Marie Leguillon demonstrated its ability to design efficient and optimized architectural solutions applicable to particularly complex real estate situations on several project that have been completed or in course of being completed. Customer support is enhanced by precise advice and “step by step” preliminary studies brought by Marie LEGUILLON, in order to provide design choices that are most suited to the requirements of the project and of the client. Atelier Marie Leguillon is located in the heart of the Rouen in Hangar 107.

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Marie Leguillon reinterprets traditional facades, shapes or environments in conceptualized spaces. The architecture, design and interieur design by Atelier Marie Leguillon all together distinguished itself by the treatment at the scale of detail, furniture design up to the conception of the structure. Marie Leguillon opens therefore the door to a neat and personalized interior architecture to answer the client’s need.  Taking into account of all these preliminary data is the specificity of the Atelier Marie Leguillon’s approach : “Understand the environment around us especially when it is complex, urban and full of heritage elements is essential to succeed in a project. Once understood, it becomes natural to be able to create an office, the decoration and the roof above it all.”


Atelier Marie Léguillon cultivates an extensive professional network, enabling it to respond immediately and intelligently to the expectations of its customers. Its recurring partners are the architects with whom Atelier Marie Leguillonis associated according to the programs ( Eléonore Duval @EllA , and Eustache PITTARAS), and its teammates (fluid design office, structure design office, control office, economist, landscapers, perspective designers, general contractors, etc.). The relationship of trust that is established between Atelier Marie Leguillon and its partners ensures constant communication throughout the duration of a project, and allows quick responses to be provided to all challenges.


Atelier Marie Léguillon decided to collaborate with EllA, managed by Eléonore DUVAL, architect since; Together they founded LOUVE, a unique collaboration that combines dynamic and complementary personalities. Atelier Marie Leguillon has also started a collaboration with Eustache PITTARAS in 2020. History of a friendly association between colleagues, who unite their skills and their professional qualities for the clients’ interest.

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